We'll Protect Your Home From Dangerous Trees

Schedule tree removal services in Lakewood, WA

The idea of a tree falling through your roof is a scary thought. Showtime Trees Executive wants to make sure that you can rest easy. We offer tree removal services and tree root removal services in Lakewood and Tacoma, WA so you can have peace of mind.

Our team can remove trees that seem weak as well as trees that are too close to your home. We can help when trees are touching your roof and if your lawn isn't getting sun. Contact us at 206-850-8958 to schedule tree removal services today.

The dangers of tree roots

It's important to keep track of where your trees roots are growing. If they grow out of control, they can cause substantial property damage. Tree roots could potentially damage:

  • Your home's foundation
  • Your driveway's asphalt
  • Your plumbing, like your septic tank
If roots are damaging your home's foundation, you might notice that it's slanting. As soon as you spot tree root trouble, call us to schedule tree root removal services in Lakewood or Tacoma, WA.